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Wedding Filmmaking: The story of a first look.


A wedding is a full day, so much to do, so many people to talk to, but in-between all of that, there are small priceless moments that you do get to spend just with your partner. One of these moments we love so much is the first look! It’s the first time we really get to see the your chemistry and what you mean to each other.

A first look we remember so fondly is that of Jessica and Joey - one of our first couples. They stand back to back, her hand in his and the great Mount Hood behind them. As they are finally allowed to turn around and see each other, Joey cannot hold back his emotions. Through all that has led up to the wedding, this is moment is when he realized that it’s all real. As he sees her bride for the first time, it feels like he’s falling in love all over again, this time with the prospect of something even bigger.

The tears, the love, the laughter… you need to have it all captured the right way. We know what good filmmaking can bring to a wedding video - because when people watch our films they don’t have to know our couples, they just have to know what love is. It is all about the intimacy even in the crowded moments and capturing this intimacy is what we do best.



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