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The intimacy of 'golden hour' for photography and film.


When it comes to weddings, sometimes the times hidden away from the crowd are some of the most special. The 'golden hour' photo/video session is always one such moment. While we do use this time to model our couples to take advantage of the beautiful light near sunset, there’s a lot more to it than one might think.

Since these sessions happen after the ceremony and as they are a newly-wed couple, we get to see a different kind of chemistry than on the first look - because now it is finally official! It is the part of the day where the couple finally get to let loose. The big ceremony is over and now everyone can breath and look forward to the party that awaits. It's time to kick off the shoes and let the dress get a little dirty. 

We saw a Jillian and Skylar in a different light that day at sunset. The stress of the day had completely vanished from their eyes, a more playful nature had taken over. The chemistry of a couple comes out best when they can fully focus on themselves and shut out everything else. It's beautiful to see and capture and get a rare insight to what makes our couples so special and what it is that has brought them here to this day - now finally as husband and wife. 

Thisara Pinto