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How your vows can change the way your story is told.


It's a more personal touch when you and your family and friends get to hear your voice in our films. The difference in our narrative films is that there is more depth to the story and that is why a carefully crafted vow is so important. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your vows.

Writing a vow that connects.

Take the time to write your vows before your big day because there's something powerful about a vow that has been carefully crafted to resonates with your spouse on a deeper level. When you have time to think and break down your vow to be delivered in a heartfelt but effective way, it will always bring your spouse to tears.

The reason to practice.

After you have written your vows, it is important to practice before the big day. You want your message to come across the way you intend it, but your wedding day can go by so fast that sometimes it is easy to forget to relax and enjoy the moment. Once you have practiced your perfect delivery, when it comes to the vows, it's one less thing you have to worry about! Instead of having to imagine all your friends and family in their underwear on the day, you can spend the time to really focus on your spouse and tell him or her how you truly feel.

It's a performance.

It's not just any performance, imagine a ballet recital, the elegance, the heartfelt emotions that you will be expressing. Love and art are intertwined in this moment and you should strive to make the best of it!...and when it is done in a perfect way, your wedding film will simply look amazing! When people that don't even know you shed a tear watching your video, we know we've done our job of telling your story!

Below you see one of our most recent brides, Rebecca, as she sits down in a wine cellar recording a message for Chris which he will soon get to see for the very first time!

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